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This will be where I put things. What kind of things? WHO THE HELL KNOWS.

People here at work are into some crazy shit.

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(Probably needs a different title, but I kinda like how it sounded.)

Yesterday I had a delayed flight and then a diverted flight with multiple in-air delays. Of course no one is happy about a delay, but how you react to it is a big part of how you look at the world and how you are perceived by those around you. Are you going to complain to everyone within earshot about how this affects YOU? Or are you going to commiserate with everyone else since you’re all in the same boat, and there’s no need to make it all about YOU?

During the delays, the holding patterns, the diversion to Cincinnati, the people around me were cracking jokes, talking about things we had to do when we landed and stuff like that, but no one was taking it out on a flight attendant or the person next to them. No one (at least around me) argued how THEY were affected more than someone else. I didn’t see any gate agent being berated as I walked off. I enjoyed that. I even talked with a couple of these people all the way to baggage claim. 

This kinda reminds me of the people I’d meet outside when I was a smoker. You’re forced outside in the heat or cold, you forgot a lighter, you’re out of smokes, you’ve been trying to quit or cut back, prices were raised, whatever. The commiseration brings you and that other smoker together because you both know what it’s like, and even though these similarities are mostly unsaid, there’s an instant kinship. You may not ever know their name, you may not ever think or speak to them again, but things were enjoyable for that short time. While I don’t miss being a smoker, I do miss that camaraderie, and it’s also why I believe that smoking is still one of the best ice-breakers. You may meet someone who doesn’t talk at all or complains incessantly, or you have a great conversation with a random person. Luckily, I usually found the latter.

Bill Murray made a comment a while back about traveling the world with someone before marriage and if I remember correctly was met with a little indignation about it being an elitist, privileged way of thinking. It does have merit if you look at the basics of it though. Traveling is wrought with stressful shit. So hang out with someone, romantically or platonically, during the shitty times, and see how they react to a flat tire, a lost hotel reservation, a cancelled flight, or any other crap, travel related or not. Then you can determine whether you want to spend the happy times with that person as well. 

And even if you never plan on spending time with that person again, such as the anyone in row 32 through 34 on my flight last night, at least you can help make the time more enjoyable for yourself and those around you.


"Do you understand me? I’m fucking everywhere now because you ballbags can’t get enough quaint jar action."

  • Gmail that is. At least for me. Or maybe just at work. Who knows anymore.
  • It also JUST got super dark outside, which makes it even more ominous.
  • Had a great 4 day trip to NM to celebrate my daughter’s 16th birthday. It was busy with lots of family around and things goin on, so today feels super quiet. Not to mention I feel super old for having a 16 year old daughter.
  • Oh and on the way home yesterday, my first plane was 40 minutes late, which made the original 1 hour layover in Atlanta just a bit more exciting, and then just as the 2nd plane was approaching O’Hare (I was taking plane pics of Lake Michigan near Gary), some storms hit, and forced the plane to enter a holding pattern, and then it ran low on gas, so I’m guessing the pilot knew of some cheap gas in Cincinnati, so we went to Cincinnati, and I then got some fries doused in cheese and bacon and some toasted marshmallow Jelly Bellys and had just enough time to inhale the foods before we were on our way back to O’Hare again where apparently storms were about to hit again, which forced the plane to hold a bit near St. Louis (I guess the world is a bit smaller for planes) and then finally head towards Milwaukee a bit so that we could approach O’Hare from the north, where we finally landed and due to the backup from the storms, we waited about 45 minutes for a gate.
  • So from airport security in NM to my front door it took about 15 hours, which was about 6 to 7 hours longer than planned. But it was ok because the company was nice as well as the Jelly Bellys.
  • I don’t get ruffled much by delays and what not, because shit happens and it’s really out of my control, but I can’t say that there weren’t some thoughts about just being home already.
  • So I’ve been tagged in the ice water challenge twice, and I’m going to do it in the next day or two. I heard there was a 24 hour requirement, but I don’t really follow rules much.
  • I think that’s all for now. I have a lot more to say I’m sure, but I either can’t or don’t want to put it into words at the moment.
  • Thanks for reading my blog.

Lava yo!

I did some preliminary checking and there’s no Count Dracula, Count Chocula, or even Count Von Count on my flight, so the misty fog remains unexplained.

But I feel refreshed and my face looks three years younger so I’ve got THAT going for me.

Which is nice.

Apparently Delta offers a new sleep aid on domestic flights.


Killer Mike is fucking awesome.

Watch this.

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Run the Jewels - Blockbuster Night Part 1

The arsenal on display in Ferguson is not the arsenal of riot control. In a town whose population is 67 percent black while its police force is 94 percent white, we are dealing with something more insidious, both locally and as a nation. We are dealing with an arsenal of racial oppression. It’s time we look it in the face, in all its awful detail. It’s time we call it by its name. And it’s time we finally do what we were tasked to do over a half century ago. It’s time we challenge, transcend and extinguish it.