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The Black Album

I’m a hustler, homie
You a customer, cronie
Got some dirt on my shoulder
Can you brush it off for me?

Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Today’s edition of Friday Jamz are those that get that head bobbin

See you next year, softball field.

Yesterday I learned that there are two different sizes for shower curtains.

I bought a new shower curtain and a liner yesterday, and the curtain was fine, but the liner was two holes short (story of my life, hurrrr). I have never, in all my life of buying shower curtains or liners had to worry about the measurements.

But the liner was also super long, like a full 6 inches longer than the curtain, which makes me think maybe the liner was a manufacturing mistake, putting the eyelets and magnets shortways instead of lengthwise.

I have no way of knowing which is the truth because I took the packaging off the liner and then emptied out my fridge of old foods and then put the liner on. I am not digging in my trash to find out.

No matter what the reason, I now need a new shower liner.

I hope this tale of woe, intrigue, and existential happenstance was entertaining. Thank you for reading my blog.

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The Weeknd,
Often (Single)

She asked me if I do this everyday, I said ‘often’
Asked how many times she rode the wave, ‘not so often’

The Weeknd - Often

Last jam of the evening.

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Justin Timberlake,
The 20/20 Experience - The Complete Experience

A crowded room anywhere
A million people around
All I see is you there

Everything just disappears, disappears, disappears, disappears

Justin Timberlake - Tunnel Vision

Love this song. Well this whole album really. The pre-chorus (right before the above verse) has that up and down style melody that I talk about from time to time.

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Magna Carta... Holy Grail

Jay-Z - Part II (On the Run) ft. Beyonce

The backing to this song and the melody during Beyonce’s pre-chorus verse (I hear sirens when we make love…)┬áis absolutely gorgeous. The sound of these things alone make me feel like I’m on a road trip, but not on interstates, more like highways, maybe fall, maybe spring, and it is probably lightly raining. It’s so weird how just those melodies evoke such a picture in my head, but IDGAF. I enjoy it.

but I’m pretty sure the health of my cuticles has never been better.


Cookie Monster.

John Oliver.

The last word on news.

(And we agree: his tie looks a lot like a cookie.)

vasolinejesus nope. Chicago. But at a Sooner bar.

notactuallyme and when I die I’ll be a sooner dead.