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This will be where I put things. What kind of things? WHO THE HELL KNOWS.

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Easy day.

Another beautiful day.

Gorgeous day.

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Driving home from my job on the sun.

i bragged to my two best friends that I had a half eaten box of Corn Pops at my place.

I didn’t have any Corn Pops at my place.

Tomorrow is gonna be ROUGH


Squibs rockin MJ at Reno Chicago karaoke

And then Usher. Next up is Wham!.

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Justin Timberlake,
The 20/20 Experience - The Complete Experience

Went from everything to nothing
No we anymore
She’s a stranger that I used to know

Justin Timberlake - Amnesia

Eventually I’m sure I’ll post every song from this album. But IDGAF. It’s good. This track has been heavy on my playlist over the last month or so. And I’m kinda digging the dual nature of tunes he’s been doing since his second album. It’s like he’s combining two tracks that share the same theme.