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TBT - Birthday Edition

31 years ago today. Well I assume that my kick ass ET (at least I think it was ET) cake and kick ass bike were given on my birthday as opposed to a weekend party or something, but I also assumed my parents wouldn’t be the type to take a photo of me immediately falling off said bike, so all bets are off.


I was doing it all wrong.


I have been asked, ‘Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?’ I am not able to rightly apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.

Charles Babbage

I’m fairly certain that the public’s view of computers hasn’t changed in 150 years.

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Let us assume that I’m the 5th Turtle, but the ooze turned me into a human who is still solidly rad.

Here is a video that should make you smile. It’s about a guy giving chocolate to cocoa farmers for the first time. (via reddit)

So yesterday I had no plans. I decided to go check out a classic car festival and take some pics for my pops who likes classic cars.

So I did that, and then met up with a buddy to go try out a new barcade. Played some pool, foosball, and pinball. Then my buddy told me that RJD2 was playing Wicker Park Fest, so I was like HEY what the hell I could get down with that. And then I proceeded to leave my CC and ID at that barcade. I didn’t realize it until we met up with a couple more friends and I got carded and was like WELP time to go back and get my shit.

And so I used UberX, where I got a dude who didn’t want to drive anywhere where there was the remote possibility of any sort of traffic, and due to all these festivals AND Blue Line construction, there was plenty. Dude was like I’m just gonna drop you here and you can walk it and save some money. I wanted to say I don’t give a shit about another two dollars dude, just drive, but after arguing with the guy the whole ride about how to get around MY neighborhood, I was like whatevs and got out. Plus that I had already had a few beers, so the walk felt nice.

Got my card and ID and took a bus back to Wicker Park Fest, where it was pretty much elbow to elbow for a shitload of city blocks. We found out that my friend’s coworker had a loft and roof where we could watch the festivities. So we headed there. Apparently after one friend went in, it opened the floodgates to whoever wanted to go in and party, luckily we were in and they barricaded the front door to keep all the other stragglers out.

(Editors Note: I posted about this last night - “I’m at wicker park fest and it’s insane and I’m in a studio of a friend of a friend. They’re now blocking the door. it’s out of control." Apparently between finding out who we needed to talk to for beer was more pressing than me adding information to this story, hence it sounding all ominous.)

We found out there was no beer, because the hordes of fools who invaded the party had already drank everything. So I went to the store for more, and some Grape Red Vines, which may have changed my life. Then we drank a couple more, listened to Destiny’s Child, DMX and MGMT, then realizing it was only 11pm we left and hit up a bar for another drink and apparently watch The Fugitive on the bar teevee.

Solid night considering it all started with the idea to check out some classic cars.

And so my Saturday night saga ended. If you got to this point, you’re probably realizing that there is no moral nor reason for this story, other than I had a good time.

Thank you for your patronage.


I like my sidewalks properly shaded.

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