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Michael Jackson - Ain’t No Sunshine

While I do enjoy Bill Withers, I kinda dig Michael’s cover of this a bit more.

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…

I had my daughter visiting for 5 days which was pretty awesome. We hit up museums, movies, restaurants, a baseball game, and hung out. Watched horror movies and listened to K-Pop and I snuck in some fatherly lectures which were met with daughterly eye rolls. It was good times.

It’s not warm when she’s away…

Well that’s not really true because it was pretty chilly at Wrigley on Friday, and in the 70’s yesterday and today.

Very rarely, if ever, do I feel loneliness. I’m not a loner by any means, I’m pretty comfortable around people as well as just by myself. But the few hours being solo after a visit with my daughter are a downer. When we both lived in NM, she was with me about 40% of the time, so I never really felt it. And since then, I’m usually visiting her so the lonely time is spent travelling back, so it’s kinda masked, even if just a little bit.

Anyhow I spent yesterday afternoon just vegging out with video games and leftover pizza. Then as I was gonna call it a night, I got a text from toseethis to hit up the spot for some Sunday karaoke and do some Michael. So I did. (And a few other songs too) And it was good. Too good. I’m feeling the remnants of all that good this morning.

So that ended the awesome 5 day weekend on a good note instead of a down one. And this week I am going to a whiskey event and then to some other event this weekend mainly because I already saw my name on a nametag, but also because I hear there will probably be solid folks in attendance as well.

And so endeth the keepin it real (real boring, sorry) liveblog of the last few days. If you made it this far, thank you for your patronage.


I Was Racially Profiled In My Own Driveway

A retired Major League Baseball player explains how he’s trying to turn an upsetting encounter with the police into an opportunity for dialogue. 

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This is a pretty great read, if you’re interested.

Cause that’s funny to me and toseethis.

BFF selfie what up IDGAF

Check out these two smoothly dapper folks.