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This will be where I put things. What kind of things? WHO THE HELL KNOWS.

Apparently at work there are people with the title “Theorist”. I *NEED* that job because I can theorize about a bunch of different shit. Shit that would blow people’s minds, to where they walk out of the auditorium because they just couldn’t handle it. I need to check out what the job entails and start applying and working on more theories for the interview.

When walking, I often have an idea for a tweet that deals with OCD and my mother’s back being the healthiest in the world (because I never step on cracks, duh), but being Twitter, that would not play well. And so it remains in my head. Or here, whatever.

I’m having an exceptional hair day today, probably due to the cut I had yesterday. I would take a pic, but I get no service to upload anything in here. I have a theory that it’s due to all the magnets, with some help from the bison who tend to clog up the airwaves with their selfies and #stopthebisonburger hashtag posts. (In case you thought I was lying about all the theories.)

I am super glad that yesterday’s hot soup weather happened then, and not tomorrow. Otherwise my softball game might have been the end of me. Tomorrow looks to be in the high 70s (good years, yo) so it should be quite enjoyable to run and run and probably become super sore on Friday morning.

I think that’s about all for now. Toodles to you bitches. TTFN whatever.

Bison all up in the biz

Got me a tv partner for the night!

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So I’m hiding them behind a read more thingamajig.

If you’re looking for help sleeping or if you really wanna read what’s on my mind, then…

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